Difco Turbo Chain Cutter

Difco Turbo Chain Cutter

Difco Turbo Chain Cutter

The Difco Turf Cutter was a pioneer in terms of sod peat cutting when launched in the 1980’s. It ended the drudgery of the demanding labour of cutting by hand. Turf cutting went from sleán to machine almost overnight.

The tractor mounted sod peat cutter, is renowned for high production, capable of producing up to 9 -11 tonnes of sod peat per hour.

Various lengths of cutting blades are available, depending on the depth of a customer’s peat bog, ie. short booms for shallow peat and longer blades to reach the better quality black peat.

The cutting blade is fitted with a hydraulic pressure relief valve and a chain protection at the bottom of the cutting boom, preventing damage, should the machine meet an obstruction.

Blade length:
760mm (2′-6″) 1065mm (3-‘6″) 1370mm (4′-6″) 1675mm (5’-6″) 1980 mm (6″6″)

Extrusions Heads:
Six sod, round or square (standard fitment) Eight sod round or square (optional extra)

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