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Difco Tracked Trailers

Due to our extensive knowledge in design and manufacture of equipment for use in challenging terrain, Difco can offer floatation tracked trailers to suit any customer’s bespoke requirements.

With its plate designed chassis and high yield steels, the Difco Tracked Trailer makes for a very strong, yet lightweight, undercarriage. The low ground pressure that the trailer creates, means that it is ideal for use on extremely soft or wet ground conditions, whilst ensuring minimal environmental impact. Therefore, making it ideal for use in Peat/ Wetland Restoration, Flood Plains, Rice/Sugar Cane harvesting and Forestry, to name but a few.

The Difco Tracked Trailer can be manufactured with or without a tracked drive system. The tracked drive system ensures that if your tractor gets into difficulty in extreme conditions, the high torque, drive system will engage at the flick of a switch, taking you out of any sticky situation. Significantly reducing the risk of the tractor becoming stuck on very steep inclines.

The new and innovative design of the Difco Tracked Trailer, has resulted in a highly versatile carrier, which can be manufactured with a multitude of track and body options. Some of the standard options available include; steel, polyurethane and rubber tracks and the ability to be fitted to dump trailer or flat bodies, tankers, bowsers etc.

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