Difco Peat Eater

Difco Peat Eater

Mechanical Peat Harvester

The new Difco Peat Eater represents the most significant advance in peat harvesting machinery to date. This machine redefines peat processing.

With unmatched innovative drive systems, the Difco Peat Eater produces a harvesting speed unmatched by any other machine, resulting in increased productivity and reduced labour costs.

Difco Peat Eater is the most environmentally friendly peat harvester currently on the market.

Our unique twin rotor collection head, ensures that all dust is encapsulated and used as positive feed, therefore significantly reducing the environmental impact of air borne dust.

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Why choose Difco Peat Eater?

  • Extremely low ground pressure of 2.5 PSI and even weight distribution means it can be pulled effortlessly with minimal ground impact.
  • Front mounted collection conveyor and high resolution cameras inside the trailer, ensure that progress of loading can be continuously monitored by the operator.
  • Fully sprung, swivelling tow bar reducing operator discomfort.
  • Moving floor driven with twin high torque hydraulic drives, resulting in rapid emptying time of less than one minute.
  • Fully galvanised deck, ensuring longevity and elimination of rust.
  • Rear door with high opening, resulting in rapid and even unloading.
  • Positive locking hook system on rear door, allowing load to be moved back without causing any damage.
  • Fully bolted modular construction for ease of transport and shipping.


  • Length: 10.6mt
  • Width: 2.55mt
  • Height: 3.96mt
  • Weight: 10,000kg
  • Power Requirement: 200+ hp
  • PTO Speed: 750rpm
  • Ground pressure: 2.5 PSI
  • Volumetric Payload: 35m³
  • Loading Time (35m³): 120-180 Seconds
  • Emptying Time (35m³): <35 Seconds

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic Drive assist on tracks
  • Two speed moving floor
  • Track centres
  • Customised machine colours
  • Reversing cameras
  • Metal track shoes

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