Difco Mini Harvester

Difco Mini Harvester

Difco Mini Harvester

Difco Mini Harvester is suited for the small to medium size operators with smaller holdings in different locations. It is compact for ease of transport, and its’ set up time and working speed create a very efficient and productive machine.


  • 4 way Pivot Pickup Head with Floating Skids
  • 540 rpm Mechanical Main Drives ensuring positive drive
  • Hydraulic driven Loading Conveyor with Quick Attach
  • Low turning discharge height minimising crop damage
  • Pre screen belts ensuring clean product
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Technical Specifications

Weights and Dimensions

  • Working Length: 3.50m
  • Working Length (incl Loading Conveyor) 6.0m
  • Working Width : 3.63m
  • Transport Length: 3.50m
  • Transport Width: 2.45m
  • Loading Conveyor Height: 2.50m
  • Weight: 1800 kg


  • 70hp gearbox
  • Main Drive Protection fitted with M10 Shear bolt
  • Machines Drive Chains fitted with Spring Loaded Adjuster and Oil Dripper
  • Tractor Power Requirements 90hp +

Hydraulics / Controls

Machine Requires 2 x Double Acting and 1 x Single Acting Valves from the Tractor:

  1. Up and down Pickup Head
  2. Lift main frame
  3. Running Loading Conveyor

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