Difco Field Press

Difco Field Press

Difco Field Press

This machine has been designed to make use of excess animal waste, by turning it into alternative fuel, for use in grain dryers, biomass burners and electric generation, as well as non-commercial use for home heating.

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Features & Specifications

  • Twin shredder heads ensuring positive cutting of longer materials
  • Low reduction drives ensuring high density briquettes
  • High quality drives
  • Galvanised briquette former available in a range of extrusion shapes
  • Floating extrusion head allowing even briquette formation
  • Pivot rocking axles for uneven ground conditions
  • Height adjustable draw bar fitted with swivel towing eye
  • Compact to fit inside a single container or curtain sided truck
  • Hydraulic operated feed door ensuring continuous feeding.
  • The combi shredders offers a unique combination of pre-shredding and grinding in one machine, with mixer and auger allowing a positive mixing and emptying.
  • Floating extrusion sod former designed to follow uneven surfaces
  • Bogie pivot system with floatation tyres ensuring high floatation and ease of rolling (new)


  • 200hp gearbox
  • Main drive protection fitted with m12 shearbolt
  • Mixer drive protection fitted with two m10 shearbolts
  • Machine fitted with heavy duty drive chains with spring loaded tensioners
  • All main bearings are fitted with single point greasing to ensure ease of lubrication.
  • Tractor power requirements 110hp +

Hydraulic / controls

Machine requires 2 double acting valves from the tractor:

  1. Up and down movement of rear door
  2. Up and down movement of floating extrusion head and opening and closing of extrusion head lid to clear any foreign objects.

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