“At ACS Civils Ltd we purchased our first All-Star 21-50 in 2019. It has been a great addition to our fleet of attachments. We have found we have a great return on our investment with this bucket, as it has high production and low maintenance cost. Running costs are greatly reduced to what they would have been with our previous screener.

Our All-Star 11-14 is attached to our Hitachi ZX140W. This has been fantastic for road works, pipe bedding, landscaping, and road embankments.

I would highly recommend the Difco All-Star Screening Bucket.”

ACS Civils LtdTyrone, Ireland

“We bought a Difco All-Star 11-14 screening bucket in 2022. We made this purchase as a traditional screener made screening topsoil a slow and tedious process. It was also an expensive component of our operation as it would take multiple employees to operate and also consumed more fuel.

Now that I have switched to an All-Star Screening Bucket, I have been spending less money on overheads thus leaving me with a greater profit margin. I would highly advise anyone to buy a Difco All-Star Screening Bucket if their standard screener is no longer sustainable.”

John Loughran Groundworks LtdTyrone, Ireland

“We have purchased two screening buckets directly from Difco. The product is very well made, simple and easy to maintain with little to no issues. The huge benefit of using a screening bucket mounted on to an excavator is that, now we only need one operator and one machine.

As opposed to a mobile screener that needs an excavator to fill it and a loader to keep the materials cleared from under the belts, needing three machines and two operators. So, we can now screen topsoil at a significantly reduced cost.

We deal directly with Paul who is a gentleman to do business with. We highly recommend this product and company.”

Atlantic StoneGalway, Ireland

“We bought a Difco All-Star 2-3 Screening Bucket last year. We are a company who construct sports grounds. The 2-3 All-Star screening bucket has ensured that we are achieving a quality end product, as it is perfectly suited to the jobs that we are completing.

Working in sports centres means that we are not given a very big amount of space to work with, this bucket is the solution to that problem as it is a very compact design. We are also working in very busy locations and are expected to work very discretely to not make much noise. The 2-3 All-Star allows us to work quietly as it makes very minimal noise when operating, which is ideal for us.

Overall, this product is great, and I believe it to be an invaluable attachment. I would recommend Difco’s screening buckets to anyone and hope to do business with them in the future.”

Haffey Sports Grounds LtdTyrone, Ireland

“I bought an 11-14 from Difco in June 2022. I bought this screening bucket because buying in screened topsoil had become very expensive. Thankfully the Difco All-Star Screening Bucket fixed this problem allowing me to screen the soil that my sites already contain.

This has been a great purchase for my operation, and I have had no problems with it in the six months of owning it.”

JP&S Construction LtdTyrone, Ireland

“We purchased a LD 3-4 to help speed up overall compost manufacturing process. Since purchasing this bucket from Difco we have had a big improvement on manufacturing times and an overall more time efficient production line.

I would advise anyone to consider Difco if they are planning to buy a screening bucket.”

Black’s Nursery LtdArmagh, Ireland

“Absolutely delighted with my 15-20, it is the best bit of kit I have in my yard, and it does the job perfectly with no imperfections.

Saves me a lot of time and money and is a key machine to my operation, it has never given me any bother. “

Larke Haulage LtdBallybrittas, Ireland

“We purchased a screening bucket from Difco in May 2022. Model 11-14 All-Star Range Bucket. That is the best efficient piece of equipment we have ever purchased. It makes screening materials so much quicker and easier. It has made it cost efficient too, as I don’t have to have another operative on hand. It can be worked by just one, so the savings are incredible.

We are hoping to purchase this year another bigger model for larger materials.”

Emneth Construction & Surfacing LtdEmneth, England

“Dundrum Nurseries Ltd recently paid approximately £8000 in 2021 on a hydraulic grading bucket with Difco, made to our requirement and specification. The bucket is used for composting processing.

From start to finish I found Difco professional and most helpful. The product continues to work successfully and make money for my company.

I have no issue recommending Difco to any perspective customer.”

Dundrum Nurseries LtdTipperary, Ireland

“I first contacted Paul in March 2020, he went out of his way to help me and supplied me with a 6-9 tonne screening bucket for screening topsoil.

Paul was extremely helpful and very good to deal with, the bucket was excellent and has given no issues whatsoever. In April of this year, I decided to upgrade to the new model and larger 10-14 tonne screening bucket, once again Paul was excellent to deal with and the bucket is proving better than expected.

I highly recommend this company, the product is of very high quality, reliable and overall, very cost effective compared to a traditional screener.

Paul is a gentleman to deal with and while there are other screening buckets on the market, I find the combination of a quality product, reasonable pricing and customer service is hard to beat. I will be continuing to do business with Difco in the future. “

Hugh RaffertyIreland