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Difco Combi-Trailer

Introducing the New Combi-Trailer Material Distribution Trailer

The Difco Combi-Trailer is a world’s first, versatile material distribution trailer.

Like a combination of a stone cart and a dump trailer but with some very useful advantages.

It has a very low centre of gravity which majorly reduces the chance of tip-over, a common problem with most stone carts.

It has a dynamic side conveyor with an innovative linkage which can swing out of the way to enable the center discharge function. This allows the machine to travel over a trench whilst discharging, only blocking one lane of traffic.

With the adjustable angle and speed of the side conveyor, the Combi-Trailer can put material in places otherwise hard to access.

What’s more, the main belt is reversible! This opens up a whole other level of options for this machine. Among other modules, we offer a twin disc spreader, a boom auger and a high speed radial stockpiler.


Low feed-in height due to the "Clam shell" hopper side movement. And great visibility for operator due to low height
Operator can drive over a trench and discharge in centre by moving side conveyor to transport position
Discharge material a greater distance by adjusting angle of side conveyor
Conveyors driven by hydraulic pumps on PTO gearbox - No loss of power when using other services
Ability to discharge sand with ease due to agitation from clam shell sides
Hydraulic speed control of both conveyors
Polyurethene skirting all round - low maintenance and less damage to belts
Low centre of gravity - less chance of tip-over
Interchangeable front and back cribs. Machine can be configured to discharge at rear plus many more options


  • Boom auger spreader
  • High speed radial tail discharge conveyor (Electro-Hydraulic)
  • Twin disc spreader
  • Extra-long, folding side conveyor
  • Extension cribs for increased capacity
  • Tarpaulin
  • Custom tyres


  • Drainage
  • Backfilling
  • Spreading
  • Delivery of Materials
  • Bedding Animals
  • Feeding Animals
  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Landfill works
  • Material distribution of any kind
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Difco Combi-Trailer