Project Description

DIFCO Bagging System

Many hours of research and development have resulted in a bagging machine which saves the laborious back breaking job of bagging turf / sticks/ coal/ aggregates.

Bags can be rapidly attached /detached ensuring maximum productivity.


  • The large hopper is capable of holding up to 15 mq or 80 bags of turf/sticks/coal/ aggregates
  • Adjustable screen finger for different materials
  • High resolution screen ensuring clean product
  • Fully adjustable bag clamps to suit various sized bags
  • Bagging head can be removed to fill 1/2 ton and 1 ton bags
  • Fully bolted construction for maximum strength & ease of transport
  • Runs off standard single phase electric 13 amps
  • Foot pedal operation for optimum control of material and bagging.

Optional extras:

  • 3 phase motor
  • Extension cribs
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DIFCO Bagging System Turf Log Bagger