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Difco All-Star Screen Bucket

The Difco All-Star range boasts a much higher output than other screen buckets on the market. The mono-directional rubber star system results in a high quality, uncontaminated end product. This, combined with the affordable price, ensures the All-Star Screen bucket gives you, the customer, a great return on your investment.

Scoop the material you want to divide into different fractions.

Screen the material by activating the Polyurethane stars.

Scoop Screen Separate

Any material small enough to pass through the space between the stars will fall to the stockpile below the bucket and the larger material will remain inside the bucket.

Separate the material by tipping the oversize material on top of a different stockpile.

The Radial Mounting arrangement of the shafts causes the material to “ramp up” the top stars and tumble back down to the bottom stars and recirculate. This circular tumbling/churning motion ensures that any clumpy material is broken up and also that the material is screened to a high degree of efficiency.


Silent Running No Jamming
Low Maintenance No Contamination
High Build Quality No Time Wasted
Hard Wearing Lightweight PU Stars No Balling up when screening wet material
Heavy Duty 4 Bolt Bearings No Fuss
Gentle, yet rapid Screening
Variable Speed
Wet Material, no Problem


Top SoilCompost
Cement ClinkerCommercial Waste
PeatDomestic Waste
TurfResidual Waste

Technical Specifications:

Difco All-Star Screen Bucket

We also offer special Loader Versions of our All-Star bucket.

These models can be supplied with an attachment interface to suit loader manufacturers such as (but not limited to) Bobcat, Avant, JCB, Case, CAT, MultiOne .

Difco All-Star Screen Bucket Tech Spec Loader Versions

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Difco All-Star Screen Bucket

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